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Saltwater Snails

SnailsbyMail is the one stop site for all your aquarium and pond snail needs. We have snails for freshwater, saltwater, brackish water, indoors and outdoors.

Nassarius Vibex

Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay buried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive. Don't forget, Free shipping on orders over $60.00.

Zebra Turbo Snails


Zebra turbo snails are excellent algae eaters. They will consume most types of algae, including even some macro algae. They range in size from a large marble up to a golf ball. Some of them have some nice coraline algae growing on their shells.

Chestnut Turban Snails


Turbo castanea snails do very much the same task as the Astrea snails. They will consume filamentous algae and diatoms. These too are collected from the Keys. They are usually found in areas of lower light levels. They are very active and consume a TON of algae! These snails vary in size from the size of a pea to about 1/2".

Virgin Nerite Snails
These snails are great little algae eaters. These snails are true marine snails. These snails are personally collected in the Florida Keys. These snails have been known to reproduce in captivity.

Mexican Turbo Snails


They eat filamentous algae, green and brown slime algaes and diatoms. They are tremendous algae eaters. They are usually found in areas of lower light levels. They are more active at night and consume a lot of algae! These snails vary in size from the size of a marble to about one and half inches.

Astrea Snails



These snails are collected the caribbean. These snails are excellent algae eaters. These snails will right themselves if on course substrate or near a hard surface. They will keep glass clear of green slime algae as well as diatom algae.

Marginella Snails


This local snail is a tan/brown color. We find these snails to be excellent detrivours and behave very much like the Nassarius snails. They will bury in the sand looking for dead material to devour. These snails are typically 1/4" in length.

Cerith Snails

These snails are collected in the warm Florida waters. They stay small maxing out at about 1" long. Their coloration can vary from black, brown, or gray. These snails feed on organic matter in the substrate and also on algae along the glass, rocks, or plants.

Olive Nerite Snails

These snails are in high demand for fresh water, brackish water tanks, and ponds. They can be converted easily to salt water and are extremely hardy snails. These snails are not a variety that will crawl out of your tank. I have acclimated some to saltwater and they are ready to go to work in your aquarium now. They have a big appetite for algae and will be found on glass and on rocks. Many of the Olive nerites that we have collected have barnacles on their shells. We have had years of experience keeping these snails. We are happy to offer them again!


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