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Crown Conch Snails


These snails are collected in the warm Florida waters. They will reach a maximum size of nearly four inches. Their coloration can vary from black, brown, or gray and are banded or striped. These snails feed on organic matter in the substrate and are detrivours/carnivores. These snails will bury in the substrate up to two or three inches deep. These snails have been observed eating smaller algae eating snails.

Rock Snails


These snails are collected from rocky shorelines. This snail is reported to be a carnivore, eating small sessile crustaceans and other smaller snails. We house them in with hermit crabs and snails of equal or larger size with no difficulty. These snails would be useful in fish only aquariums with messy eaters. These snails would help clean up excess shrimp or crab waste.They are great detrivores.