More Brackish water oddities and rare items to come.


Brackish Water Snails/Inverts./Fish

SnailsbyMail is the one stop site for all your aquarium and pond snail needs. We have snails for freshwater, saltwater, brackish water, indoors and outdoors.

Nassarius Vibex

Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay buried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive. Don't forget, ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60.00!

Tiger Nerite Snails

These snails are great little algae eaters. These snails travel from freshwater to Marine. Tiger Nerites are a very attractive snail. These snails may reproduce in captivity in a marine or brackish environment.

Marginella Snails

This local snail is a tan/brown color. We find these snails to be excellent detrivours and behave very much like the Nassarius snails. They will bury in the sand looking for dead material to devour. These snails are typically 1/4" in length.

Bubble Snails
These cool snails are actually sea slugs. Their bodies are too big to fit into their shells. These snails are collected mostly in the spring and summer months. They are primarily nocturnal and will eat detritus and diatoms from the sand bed.

Dwarf Cerith Snails

These snails are collected in the central Florida inter coastal waterways. They stay very small maxing out at 3/4" long. Their coloration is often gray or brown sometimes speckled. These snails feed on organic matter in the substrate and also on algae along the glass, rocks, or plants. These too are seasonal. We could find some any time now. Keep checking back.
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Olive Nerite Snails

These snails are collected from the Caloosahatchee river in south Florida. The river is considered a freshwater river, but is high in dissolved minerals. These snails are excellent algae eaters and will live at home in any brackish water environment.

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