Crown Conch Snails


These snails are collected in the warm Florida waters. They will reach a maximum size of nearly four inches. Their coloration can vary from black, brown, or gray and are banded or striped. These snails feed on organic matter in the substrate and are detrivours. These snails will bury in the substrate up to two or three inches deep.

Nassarius Vibex

Looking for the best substrate cleaner around? You found 'um! Nassarius vibex snails. These little guys stay buried beneath your substrate and wait for the enticing aroma of food. It doesn't take much to get them "popping" out of the ground and chase down the food. You'll find our Nassarius snails very healthy, hardy, and inexpensive. Don't forget, ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!

Nassarius Obsoletus

These snails are larger than their cousins the vibex. You will not need as many of these snails because they eat more and are much more active than the vibex. They do bury themselves in the substrate, just not as much. THEY EAT A LOT! They also come from more temperate waters(North and South Carolina). They will do well in reef aquariums, but will have a huge appetite. If they do not get enough to eat it may slightly shorten their life span.